PARABLE: Treasure Hid in A Field

Matthew 13:44

There are said to be two common ideas set forth from this parable. Both are legitimate, respectively, and concern the Bride of Christ: 

First view

The Treasure: Christ and his doctrine; The Man : anyone seeking Christ and his doctrine; The Field: a Scriptural church, which has Christ and therefore also his doctrine. Some teach this parable to mean that when a man has found a True church that holds Christ’s doctrine, he sells all he has to follow Christ in that church.

Second view

The second teaching from this may be as follows: The Treasure: the “Bride” or all true churches that would ever exist; The Man: Jesus Christ, who left heaven to find his Bride; The Field: the world (all of God’s elect people) for which Jesus also came and died for. It needs to be understood that the field is one object of affection, but the greatest prize or object of the man’s affection is the treasure. Christ could have no Bride if he did not also “buy the field.”