PARABLE: the Ten Virgins

Matthew 25:1-13

In my view, these ten virgins represent ten scriptural churches. The five wise are those who maintain their authority and legitimacy by their love and faithfulness to the bridegroom; the five unwise represent those who lose their authority and legitimacy by slothfulness and carelessness. The lamps are the same as the “candlesticks” of Revelation 2,3; and the oil would be what has empowered and authorized the groups, i.e. the holy ghost. Keep in mind, they “all slumbered and slept.”

The primary application is that five were careful enough to maintain their purity (to continue in the doctrines the Lord had left them with will he went away). The five unwise were not. Note, too, the Bible says, “Then all those virgins arose.” Clearly, all ten anticipated the Bridegroom’s arrival. This parable is not illustrative of salvation but expresses an admonition to be faithful with the aim of having a greater place of authority on the New Earth, which is what some refer to as "Brideship." A faithful bride is what Yeshua wants. The five unwise were prevented from enjoying the rich blessing of the marriage supper because they had lost their authority.