An Ideal Assembly?

An Ideal Assembly?

What follows is a flexible outline of what I imagine an ideal assembly free from the state[*] would look like. This is simple, egalitarian, replicable, and completely free of programs, creeds, and associations. It's intended to be lead by any person who feels called. Some groups are more patriarchal than others, but this is going to depend on the natural spirit-led dynamic of members of the body working together. The natural hierarchy that exists in society and an assembly as defined in Scripture is as follows:

The Father

It needs to be understood that Men and women are equals in assembly, so the dynamic must never be that the woman is ruling over a man, but it must also never be that a man is harsh towards, neglectful of, and/ or dismissive of a woman. Strive for unity. 

  • Meet: meet at an agreed-upon time at an easily accessible place like a home, park, or other free/ public space.
  • Worship: read or sing the psalms; perhaps read a proverb.
  • Read: as a group, choose a book to study. read a chapter of a book together—take turns reading verses: male, female, boy, girl; young and old; rich and poor.
  • Pray: pray for the meetings, one another, world events, etc.
  • Discuss: perhaps discuss what was read. 
  • Witness: everyone needs to be aware of opportunities to preach the Kingdom of God to those in the community. Everyone needs to be prepared to give an answer.

Baptism and the Lord's Supper (i.e. "Passover," which includes feetwashing) are topics that need to be discussed as a congregation as far as how they'll be performed and by whom. The brothers need to look to the scripture and study these things out. 

For us, ideally, baptism is immersion of individuals old enough to willingly submit to the rite and who understand its significance. The Lord's Supper is once a year and is only shared by those who've been vetted by a confirmation of faith that Jesus is the son of God in the truest, Biblical sense and who've also received immersion (closed/ close communion).


[*] By this I mean a group that isn't a 501c3 State recognized "charity" for tax and liability purposes.