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The Seven Mountain Mandate

The Seven Mountain Mandate It's taken me a while for me to process the Roe V. Wade decision. This post is a bit late, but I had to meditate some. Like many on both sides, I never expected this decision in my lifetime. On one hand, it's a good thing that the decision is returned to "the states." After all, it's technically a "state's issue." On the other hand, I'm seeing ominous clouds on the horizon. Ultimately, I'm not overjoyed. To be sure, there are many who'll express sorrow and deep resentment that I don't rejoice over the decision. To be clear, I'm not a proponent of abortion--indeed, I believe it's heinous murder. But I'm also not a supporter of church involvement with the State, and for Scriptural and historical reasons. This post is going to reflect on an article I found on a friend's Facebook page.  The article is an Op-Ed piece by a guest writer on the New York Times . The Bio of the author at the end of the