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Why I Wear a Beard

Why I Wear a Beard Though I’ve already published my booklet The Beard here on the website, I’ve decided to offer another voice on the subject. What follows is my attempt at supplying the important and interesting parts of a booklet that was monumental in convincing me that I should, indeed, never shave my beard again. Like me, the author is from the Anabaptist tradition; unlike me, the author probably wouldn’t consider Torah observance as something “obligatory” for Gentiles (see my Color-Coded Torah ). We both agree, however, that people of faith need to consider modesty from a Bible perspective. This topic certainly is under that category. Here are the “spark notes” from William R. McGrath’s booklet Why I Wear a Beard . Seven Reasons to Wear a Beard McGrath outlines and elaborates the following seven reasons he has a beard and why he thinks others should have one, too. Created Nature Sex Distinction Separation from the world Jesus: our perfect example Early-church conviction Early An

No Place

No Place In this post, I'm going to edify those of you who, like me, feel like there's no place you belong. Like Prophet Elijah, we may find ourselves out in the dark wilderness feeling alone. This post comes a bit late, but it's after some reflection concerning something that happened to me. In my zealous convictions concerning the avoidance of lofty titles and abhorrence of idolatry, I had made a post on social media which resulted in me being banned from a particular page. The identify of those involved, and name of the group, isn't what's important. The insight I've gained, however, is. I pray this is encouraging. The italicized portion is the thought that occurred to me after my banishment.  The verses being referred to is Matthew 8:20 or Luke 9:58.