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The Jehovah's Witnesses and You

Jehovah's Witnesses and You Jehovahs Witnesses are hitting the streets again, much to the dismay of everyone, especially the evangelicals who vehemently denounce their doctrine. Yet it stands to reason that no other group has knocked on my door to spread a religious message.  If evangelicals hold the true gospel, where are their witnesses? What efforts are being made to counter those of their enemies in the streets? One time, I asked this question and pointed out the hypocrisy here on Facebook some time ago and had friends “block” me on social media--but for what? Stating the obvious?  Granted, you can show me Youtube clips of evangelists like Ray Comfort and others who make content of themselves making efforts. I concede that. But on a mass scale, what actual requirement is there for members of these churches to do anything other than, maybe , invite a friend to an Easter youth event? none.  Evangelicals, in my opinion, either don’t have the backbone, rebuttal, substantive claim(s

The Meatless Kingdom | 2

  The Meatless Kingdom | 2 Introduction In the first study in this series, [1] we looked at a few of the common verses used to support a meat diet. This began when Noah and his family were leaving the ark, and it was allegedly codified in the Mosaic law. These brief analysis were in light of facts revealed to us by modern epidemiology, which exposes the fact blood remains in the meat, albeit in trace amounts. Because objections are natural in this sort of study, we're going to consider details of these passages and others. Naturally, we'll begin in Genesis. The Garden of Eden Many will agree that Adam, Eve, and their family enjoyed a meatless diet. Certainly, the mainstream is under the impression that Abel offered the flesh of an animal as a sacrifice. If this is the case, we have two questions: 1) where did they learn that killing an animal and blood sacrifice was acceptable? 2) was the meat eaten, or was it wasted? To be sure, there's no answer explicit for question two-

The Meatless Kingdom | 1

The Meatless Kingdom | 1 Introduction Should followers of Rabbi Jesus--the Messiah and son of God--exclude meat from their diets? Didn't Jesus himself eat meat? Do laws from the Old Testament that restrict our diet to certain things matter any more? Doesn't God allow us to eat meat? These questions, and perhaps some others, will be answered in this series. This first segment is a very basic introduction to only some of the issues at hand. God willing, other installments will be more thorough. At this moment in the study, it should suffice the reader to know that I believe a meatless diet is the most consistent Kingdom diet for disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) for at least a few reasons: the Edenic paradise serves as the model for the future of mankind; prophecy concerning the present Kingdom of God, and the still-future state of mankind in the New Heaven/ New Earth, clearly indicates that, ultimately, disciples of Yeshua who are commanded to be peacemakers shouldn't harm God'

How Does Jesus Save?

Editor's Note: The following is a "guest article." To be honest, this wasn't a submission. I found it online and thought the points were interesting enough to share here, where we believe all things should be tested for educational purposes. Because the anabaptist movement was dedicated to a more radical reformation and return to Jesus' words only as much as possible, we thought this study captured that desire. No changes from the original have been made with the exception of clarifying a sub-topic heading ("Word-shepher" > "Word-shepher[ed]"). Enjoy! __________ How Does Jesus Save? by  Femi Aribisala Jesus does not save by blood sacrifice.  He saves by his word. Jesus is our Saviour, but how exactly does he save?  Paul says he saves by paying for our sins with his blood. (Ephesians 1:7).  But why listen to the servant when we can listen to the Son?  As with all such questions, God has a definitive answer.  He points to Jesus and says to us