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Inspiration: My View

  Inspiration: My View I’m going to explain my views on the “inspiration of Scripture.” To do this, I’m going to give three distinct terms I think are relevant to the topic and attempt to define and elaborate on the ideas. The terms are as follows: Inspiration Authority Preservation (or sometimes inerrancy) As a former KJV-Onlyist, I was taught to never question the inspiration and, thus, preservation of the Bible. The two went hand-in-glove. You couldn’t possibly have something preserved if it wasn’t also inspired, as far as Scripture is concerned. Of course, this means everything is “inerrant,” or without error. But since my departure from the dangerous movement known as “fundamentalism,” I’ve pushed myself to investigate my own long-standing beliefs, and I must say that, in typical fashion, I’ve departed from much of mainstream “Christianity.” Even the denominations that shy away from the “fundamentalist” term.  Inspiration We find in Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary the follo