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Contemporary Christian Music

Contemporary Christian Music Most think “CCM” relates to the music sung in many evangelical, “non-denominational” churches today. Guitars, keyboards, drum sets, fantastic stage performances, and radio time are what might also come to mind--not to mention the often-times shallow lyrics with little to no doctrine. However, considering the fact that we have a song book in the middle of our Bibles (i.e., the Psalms found in the Old Testament), we must conclude that any song with a Christian theme outside of inspired Scripture is contemporary, including some of our most beloved “old” “hymns,” such as Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art . This only proves that some CCM can have sound doctrine in it; but, the vast majority of modern CCM is shallow, shallow, shallow. Regardless, the CCM we've all grown up singing doesn't actually belong in the context in which we place it. It isn't for the assembly. For private entertainment? I personally have no qualms. But in a tru