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Apostle Paul?

Apostle Paul? One of the things that attracted me to Anabaptism was the emphasis on Jesus' words only. Truly, the Anabaptist movement sought to radically reform approaches to theology, and that meant getting back to the historical, apostolic basics. It was an effort unlike the other Reformers to have a true New Testament faith and practice. This love and desire of mine has meant I've questioned a lot of mainstream "orthodoxy" in my attempt at "reforming" Babylon. My steps have taken me far afield from Protestantism. I've rejected Trinitarian and Sunday keeping as a result, among many other things. In my research, I've come to also reject the so-called apostle to the Gentiles, Paul.  You might disagree with this view of mine.[*] But it wasn't uncommon for Anabaptists to be skeptical of Paul, given that they placed a far-greater emphasis on Jesus than most others. Perhaps there'll be another post on one Anabaptist minister known for his Anti-Pa