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What Is the Word of God?

Editor's Note: emphasis on particular words are emphasized throughout and are indicated by italics . __________ What Is the Word of God? by Ezra Pound What is the Word of God mentioned in John 1:1? To begin with, it’s important to recognize that the opening line of John 1 in the Greek New Testament is the exact same opening line of Genesis 1 in the LXX,[1] the Greek Old Testament. This is because John is trying to deliberately draw your attention to Genesis. In fact, Genesis is a Greek word meaning, “birth,” “beginning” or “origin.” The "word" in Genesis John 1:1 ΕΝ ΑΡΧΗ (In the beginning)... Genesis 1:1 ΕΝ ΑΡΧΗ (In the beginning)… Before the seven creative days of Genesis 1 are completed, we encounter the phrase, “And God said …” ten times in relation to his creation, three of which directly refer to man who was created in God’s image on the sixth day.[2] Genesis 1:3- And God said , “Let there be light.” Genesis 1:6- And God said , “Let there be a vault between the w