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Christians Deny John 3:16

  Christians Deny John 3:16 Recently in a thread, I came across some disturbing comments that this post is going to address. Posts like this are necessary so that we can address important issues "as they happen" in the real world. Confusion leads to denial "The God I serve came to save me." This was a person's post in a Unitarian Facebook group that permits Trinitarians to post and comment for the sake of discussion.[1] Naturally, there are going to be comments. One comment in particular in this discussion was even more startling than the original post (punctuation is kept from the original): A son to us son can die for the sins of the world..God sent himself in Jesus while father sat on throne..God is the only one who can pay for our sins . As a former trinitarian and person who believed Jesus was God, I expressed the same general claim: "only God can forgive sins; therefore, though Jesus was 100 percent man, he was also 100 percent God. the human par