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Deceived by the Serpent?

A good friend and brother in Messiah returns to explore issues of sin, temptation, and explores the "who" and "what" behind it all. Is the "serpent" actually a personal, fallen angelic being masquerading as an animal, or is this something else entirely? Editor's Note: all bracketed words, phrases, or clauses are not original to the submission but are substitutions made for clarification.   __________ Deceived by the Serpent? by Ezra Pound What did Eve mean when she said she was "decieved by the serpent?" We must understand that "each one is tempted when he is dragged away and enticed by his own desires. Then desire, after it has conceived, gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is brought to completion, gives birth to death."[1] It's written that, "Eve saw that the tree was good for food , and desirable to look upon" (Emphasis added). How did she know the tree was good for food if she hadn't eaten of it yet? The a