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The Transfiguration of Jesus

The Transfiguration of Jesus Promise & Fulfillment Understanding the context will help us better understand the significance of this event. Just prior, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who are men saying that I am?”—Peter’s answer, “You are the Christ.”[1]. Note: Peter didn’t say, “You’re God in the flesh,” or, “You’re the second person of the Trinity” or anything related to a Trinitarian concept of God. Simply, he said, “You’re God’s anointed…you’re God’s messiah.” In response to this, Jesus said he would die but be resurrected and that some disciples wouldn’t die until they first witnessed “the son of man coming in his kingdom” or that “the kingdom of God already come in power.” In other words, some disciples were going to see a glimpse of what the final kingdom would look like with Jesus glorified.[2] The Transfiguration was a fulfillment of that promise and a glimpse into the final stage of the Kingdom of God’s establishment. Immortal Soul Theory Unsurprisingly, this event is used a