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Four Ordinances

Four Ordinances Introduction According to Webster’s 1828, an “ordinance” is “A rule established by authority; a permanent rule of action.”  There are many rules, or laws, of God for the ekklesia . Remember, Jesus has been set over ekklesia  as their head and direct leader. I want to provide comments on what I think are very specific commands or examples Christ gave his apostles that we can find observed in the New Testament. Unfortunately, not all ekklesias  are practicing these ordinances. For the most part, these ordinances are common and they serve incredibly important roles in the lives of believers—each one pictures and aspect of who Christ is and who we are to be. These need to be better observed. Baptism This ordinance is performed in the name of the "Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,"[1] or in the name of Jesus Christ.[2] Really, this simply means that the rite is performed by the authority of the one who granted it. In this case either the Father o