Why I’m Leaving Christianity

Why I'm Leaving Christianity

Here are a number of reasons I’m leaving Christianity. You might be discouraged that most of these are just my thoughts and opinions of the current state of “Christianity” and isn’t going to incorporate much Scripture, but I have other studies focused on church issues that use Scripture.[1] The purpose of this post is unlike my others. It’s just a soapbox. Some of these are going to sound the same. Perhaps I’m beating a dead horse, but that’s what Christianity is—a dead horse.

Brief Introduction

I’ve attended Fundamentalist Baptist churches, Charismatic Churches, Seventh-Day Adventist churches, Catholic funerals; I’ve been to Gospel-Hall Brethren meetings; I’ve been part of an Anabaptist church-plant failure as a teaching elder; I’ve been part of a praise and worship team, and helped establish campus ministries; I’ve contemplated attending seminary, missions work; I’ve lead “soul winning” groups; I’ve led people through prayers; I’ve baptized; I’ve gone to busy public places and shouted on the street corner, and I’ve rang a great deal of doorbells, anxious to press a tract into someones hand. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with a number of different groups, and each one has undoubtedly shaped my worldview. You would think I have a healthy appreciation for all the differences within “Christendom.” But I don’t. I despise it. In fact, I hate Christianity. Does this shock, discourage, frighten, or enrage you?

Why am I doing this? I’m a non-conformist from birth. It’s just my habit of asking questions and digging as far as I can to find the truth. I’ve had a lot of eye-opening conversations with many people who unwittingly informed me of the reasons I now think Christianity is a joke. It was never my intention to arrive at this sort of scathing conclusion, but it’s just a natural result of my curiosity. Understand that I’m not going to stop following Jesus or reading the Bible. But what I’m doing is departing from something monstrous and dangerous. I’m essentially fleeing to the wilderness, taking whoever wants to come with me, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. In short, I’m convinced that what many people call “Christianity” is ruined by leaven. It’s not reformable. 


By this I mean it’s not worth trying to distinguish between the “true” and the “false” by using quotes or air-quotes in conversation. Christianity is what it is: a fake religion that’s long departed from the Gospels. Let’s face it, everyone who professes faith in God and or Jesus Christ adamantly assures the listener that their particular brand, movement, denomination, etc., is the truest reclamation of “historical Christianity.” It’s not worth the disclaimer. It’s ridiculous how often I find myself having to dissociate myself from the psychopaths who call themselves followers of Jesus. “Well, I’m not a Republican,” or, “No…the Catholics did the Crusades, not true followers of Christ,” or, “No…we don’t pass an offering plate at our meetings unlike others because we understand that because the Levitical Priesthood has been replaced, so has the need for collecting tithes…we don’t want or need your money…” or, “No, Jesus wouldn’t use an AR15…” or, “No, Jesus doesn’t hate immigrants.”

Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists (of all stripes), Church of Christ, Church of God in Christ, Seventh-Day Adventists, Christian Universalists, Pentecostals, United Pentecostals, “Non Denominational,” Methodists, Lutherans, Quakers, Anabaptists (Amish, Mennonites, Brethren, Landmark Baptists), LDS, Christadelphians, and on and on and on and on and on, all claim to be Christians, believers, followers, etc. Are they? I can’t judge, per say. But I see fruit, and I’m trying to base my decision off the fact that these all can’t truly be saved followers. Perhaps some from among each of these are genuine, but the issue is that the term “Christian” is far too broad of a term that’s applied to each of these larger groups that are generally apostate.

Jesus is forgotten

I hate how much lip-service is paid to Jesus. Everyone who calls themselves Christian[1] places more emphasis on the following: the teachings of Paul, “church Fathers”, creeds, Prophets/ prophetesses, pastor/ evangelist/ “Dr.” so-and-so; Luther, Calvin, Knox, Zwingli, Popes and little Popes; Charles Spurgeon[2]; for my Hebrew-Roots friends, Moses.

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Everyone has an excuse for why Jesus didn’t mean what he said, or why we don’t need to follow a particular command or teaching. Everyone bases their decision to not do X-Y-or Z because “Paul said” this, and so forth (see previous objection).


We should ask Whose orthodoxy? Who exactly decided this? The trouble is that orthodoxy is subjective outside of truly believing and doing what Jesus said. For example: I don’t regard Trinitarians or Sunday-observers as orthodox. They’re apostates. But these same “believers” would consider me un-orthodox. So it begins. Who is truly “Christian” and who isn’t? Do you see the trouble? And these are but two doctrinal issues of hundreds, if not thousands. The term Christian, therefore, is completely irrelevant and asinine.


Here’s another contention. The idea of church in general is ruined. I remember while in college there was a sort of revival in interest to re-capture what’s seen in the Book of Acts. This was done with the adoption of “small groups” and other stupid gimmicks. But here I want to broadly criticize stupid “church” practices that are completely foreign to the Scriptures and make a mockery of what Jesus taught, or what the apostles knew in Acts: 

  • “Sunday” school
  • Seminary
  • “Laity”*
  • “Clergy”*
  • Pews
  • Pulpits*
  • “Worship leaders”/ “worship bands”* 
  • “Children's Minister”
  • “Youth Pastor”
  • “Campus”
  • “Deaconess” 
  • “Board of elders”*
  • “Lead pastor”*
  • “Assistant pastor”*
  • “Reverend”
  • “Tithes and offerings”*
  • “Church building”*
  • “Dedications”/ “Confirmations”

There could be scores more, I'm sure. The issues marked with an asterisk are in some way borrowed and modified from the Old Testament—something many insist isn’t binding today (but if this is the case, why carry it over for today’s practice? Why are you blind and inconsistent?) The point is that our attempt at “church” is greatly confused and complicated by unnecessary, and often gimmicky, ways to welcome members and visitors. We’re good at keeping people busy, but that’s not necessarily a godly thing. “Christianity” is like Martha, who was pre-occupied with everything but actually sitting with Jesus. Jesus isn’t in your lame evangelical church because it’s a dismal, spirit-less failure. We’re inventing and re-inventing something rather than just making it as simple and Jesus-centric as possible. People really should try just doing what we do. You don’t have to, but it’s beautifully simple. 

Politics and violence

With few exceptions, most blend their faith with politics despite Jesus’ teaching that the Kingdom of God isn’t part of this world. Also, there’s a disgusting blood-lust for vengeance that permeates many mainstream protestant and catholic traditions. Gun-toting evangelicals are almost gleeful at the idea of defending their property with the “right” to use lethal force in “self defense.” Pre-mediated “self defense” is pre-meditated murder. But Christians think this is their right.[4]


There’s far too much commercialization of the truth. Everyone today has a T-shirt with a lame saying printed on it; everyone has the next book that’s going to amplify one’s prayer life, finances, marriage, addiction recovery. Everyone has the next-best conference of theological giants to help clarify the deepest truths and realities of Scripture (usually at a very high price); everyone has a breakthrough in worship and praise--masterclass on how to write an impactful song! For free, or at a very reasonable price? No, for profit.


I’m sure there’s more locked away in my mind and heart, but I think I’ve aired the most pressing grievances for now.

I hope this challenges you. Why are you a “Christian”? Why do you call yourself one? Why do you believe what you do, do what you do, go where you go, pray how you pray, read what you read? Is this really what the Father and son want us doing?    


[1] Five Reasons Your Church Is Apostate

[2] “little Christs”…right?

[3] Affectionately, but disgustingly, referred to as the “prince of preachers”

[4] Put up Again Thy Sword; Support the Troops!