No Place

No Place

In this post, I'm going to edify those of you who, like me, feel like there's no place you belong. Like Prophet Elijah, we may find ourselves out in the dark wilderness feeling alone. This post comes a bit late, but it's after some reflection concerning something that happened to me. In my zealous convictions concerning the avoidance of lofty titles and abhorrence of idolatry, I had made a post on social media which resulted in me being banned from a particular page. The identify of those involved, and name of the group, isn't what's important. The insight I've gained, however, is. I pray this is encouraging. The italicized portion is the thought that occurred to me after my banishment. 

The verses being referred to is Matthew 8:20 or Luke 9:58.

You know, there is no place to rest my head. I understand that more than ever now. It’s [Jesus' words] not merely reference to a physical, earthly dwelling. It’s also referent of a spiritual sort of dwelling. The son of man had no place in synagogue—unwelcome, always chased out and asked to leave. No fellows among the religious socialites and elites and so-called masters. 

Keep this in mind, and you’ll understand why Jesus says to set your affections above, and to lay up treasures above, and to rejoice because our place is being prepared for us.

The above post reflects my reality. When I decided to become a disciple of the Master, I never actually imagined being "homeless." But this is true. When you press and press and press into Scripture for more and more and more wisdom and truth, you're destined to become an outsider. You can't help but speak those things which you've seen and heard. 

Peace to you and your house!

N.L. Moon