It really begins in Janesville, Wisconsin when I was an undergrad at a community college, U-Rock. From my first charismatic experience the Sunday I'd visited my friend and bandmate's church until now, my "testimony" is always unfolding in unique ways. We're always in some sort of conversion. None of us has finally arrived, though we should always strive to take more and more steps away from error toward truth. This is an Exodus. Where are you on that journey? 

Not long ago, I was given an opportunity to share my testimony on the Unitarian Christian Alliance Podcast. In the interview, I explained my history with a notorious cult-of-personality, the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement (NIFB), which was begun by hate-preacher Steven Anderson in Phoenix, Arizona. I also explained my transition from Trinitarianism to Unitarianism, and I even provided my thoughts on the current state of the UCA.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking the link below.

Peace to you and your house,

N.L. Moon