Pride Month 2022

Pride Month 2022

The abominations...

Well, it’s “pride month.” The Christian’s are going to do a lot of stone throwing. If you know me, I try and play fair. So, the wicked sins of homosexuality and transvestism aside, here are but a few other things that are considered abominable by Yahweh, the one true God:

  • The prayer of one who turns his ear away from hearing the law.[1]
  • Those who eat swine’s flesh, mice, and other abominable things.[2]
  • Everyone that is proud in heart.[3]
  • Worshipping other gods.[4]

Now allow me to investigate. Dear Christian, do you and your pastor enjoy bacon because of the false teaching that the law is done away with? If so, you’re hearkening unto a false prophet[5] and your very prayers are abominable to Yah. Do you worship a pagan deity called the Holy Trinity? Thats idolatry. Abominable. If you're scoffing at this, you’re proud in heart. Abominable! 


My advice: let‘s all, “gay and straight,” forsake the ways of death and abomination and purify our hearts through repentance. Otherwise, we're doomed for destruction!


[1] Proverbs 28:9

[2] Isaiah 66:17

[3] Proverbs 16:5

[4] Deuteronomy 17:4

[5] Paul is a false prophet. Doubting Paul: A Critical Examination